Marcus Charles Spencer CEO

Business Background 

Marcus is a London-born entrepreneur with a diverse background in finance, fitness, and cryptocurrency. He gained a solid foundation in finance by studying at Durham University and completing a postgraduate program at The University of Cambridge Judge Business School.

Before returning to academia, Marcus founded a successful personal fitness training company in Chelsea, London. However, he ultimately decided to go back to university to continue his education.

Today, Marcus is the founder of The Mastery Club, an online fitness program that helps men and women achieve their ultimate body transformations. In addition to his work with The Mastery Club, Marcus is also an investor in several cryptocurrency start-ups and a co-founder of a London-based charity that offers free martial arts classes for children and food banks for the homeless. 





                         Sporting History 

In addition to his background in finance, Marcus is also highly skilled in martial arts. He is a natural athlete with a solid background in boxing and mixed martial arts, and has even competed at national level in both disciplines. Marcus has also spent nearly a decade traveling to Thailand to participate in professional full-time Muay Thai training camps, working alongside world champions during full contact training sessions.

As a qualified fitness coach with years of sports-specific training experience, Marcus believes that great trainers are great listeners, analysts, and motivators who prioritize their clients' results. He understands that each client has unique needs and goals, and is flexible and creative enough to adapt to any challenges or barriers that may arise. Great trainers recognize the importance of putting their clients' needs first and are dedicated to helping them achieve their aspirations and dreams.

Who We Are

The Mastery Club, led by Marcus Charles Spencer, is a fitness movement focused on helping gym newbies improve their physical fitness through specialised body weight exercises. With expert knowledge and personalized coaching, Marcus and his team provide step-by-step guidance to help individuals achieve their fitness goals. By utilizing body weight exercises, beginners can build strength and endurance without the need for equipment. The Mastery Club offers a supportive community and resources to keep you motivated on your fitness journey. Join The Mastery Club today and start transforming your fitness.



Constantly Working On Innovation

Our team at The Mastery Club are constantly looking for innovation methods to help you achieve your goals, Our premium  fitness programs consist of proven methods used by professional athletes to gain maximum results. Our latest team member Sarah Smith a Loughborough University graduate nutrition specialist has constructed expert diet plans which will be incorporated into premium our programs.  

Giving Expert Value To Our Clients

Over the past year we have been working on developing  masterclass programs to enable you to achieve maximum results from your training. Marcus has been under mentorship by multi millionaire business coach Adam Stott, Adam has been working closely with Marcus to develop a strategy which enables our clients to fully benefit from The Mastery Club areas of expertise. Our specialist courses have been structured to adapt to you needs regardless of age weight or fitness level.